Summer Camp

Resources for Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Helping individuals with learning disabilities and attentional issues achieve their personal best through the education of parents, teachers, students, and communities.

Our Mission

To help students with learning disabilities and ADHD attain their personal best. We believe every student should understand their strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, they should know how to take advantage of their strengths to help them compensate for their weaknesses and to believe that they can learn.


We also believe that every student is different and that assessments should be designed to match the student's needs rather than the examiner's time line. We work hard to customize the testing to the student to create as clear as possible a picture of their learning needs.

What We Do

We provide diagnostic assessment ranging from early childhood screening for dyslexia through full neuropsychological evaluations. We focus on diagnosing learning challenges that are manifested in difficulties with oral language, reading, writing, math, attention, and executive functioning.


Where To Start

An initial consultation is the first step. During the consultation we will interview you and your student, then review any relevant records (e.g. report cards and previous assessments). Then we will work with you to determine whether an assessment is appropriate or whether we should refer you to another specialist. 
If you would like to schedule an initial consultation, or if you have  questions, just call and we'll be happy to help.